Talent management, one of the pillars of the group

Our commitment to people includes promoting their professional development, fostering a diverse and inclusive culture without gender barriers, promoting work-life balance, and guaranteeing optimal health and safety conditions, all of this through comprehensive and efficient management of the talent cycle.

Diversity and equality

COMSA Corporación is committed to human capital as one of the pillars of the group’s strategy. Our intention is to identify, attract and retain talent, as well as to facilitate our employees’ professional opportunities.

The implementation of the COMStruimos Project, which aims to implement a competency-based management model aligned with the group’s strategy, endorses this commitment. In addition, COMSA Corporación has a solid Code of Ethics, which ensures, among other things, equal opportunity, non-discrimination, decent work, gender equality and a strong commitment to the environment.

COMSA Corporación also has Equality Plans that develop initiatives to continue advancing in the elimination of potential gender barriers, with the horizon set in the Sustainable Development Goal 5 Gender Equality.

See the group’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy.

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The group is committed to the digitalisation and management of skills as tools to align Human Resources with the company’s main lines of action.

Health and safety

As part of its commitment to people, COMSA Corporación works to create safe working environments and achieve the goal of Zero Accidents.

For this reason, we have a health and safety management system certified according to UNE-EN ISO 45001:2018, as well as a Health and Safety Policy, with the aim of achieving a vision of zero harm, promoting a culture of prevention rather than correction.

To ensure the safety of our projects and the protection of people, we identify, assess and manage the risks associated with our activities with a comprehensive approach. In a complementary way, we undertake different initiatives that have been recognised on several occasions, such as the inclusion in the Top 25 of the Monitor of Excellence in Prevention, Safety and Health (MEPS2) that rewarded our preventive culture in 2019; or the ex aequo award in the category ‘Best practice for risk control’ in 2021 for the project ‘Don’t turn your back on overexertion’.

In 2022, on the occasion of the International Day for Safety and Health at Work, COMSA Corporación launched the campaign “Better to count on you than to count accidents” with the aim of raising awareness among the workforce of the professional and personal implications that accidents at work can have, improving their perception of the risks and thus contributing to improving their incidence. This campaign has benefited from the testimonies and reflections of various members of the organisation.