Legal warning


1. Introduction and identity of holder

COMSA CORPORACIÓN DE INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.L. (hereinafter, “COMSA CORPORACIÓN”) is a Spanish company registered at C/Viriato, 47, 08014, Barcelona, con NIF (Tax number): B08937724 and registered at the Barcelona Mercantile Registry, under Volume 44635 Page 184, Sheet Nº B58982.

The COMSA CORPORACIÓN is the holder of all industrial and intellectual property rights in relation to the Website contents at (hereinafter, the “Website”), who’s access and use by users (hereinafter, “Users”) is subject to the provisions of this Legal Warning, and will be supplemented by the Website’s Privacy Policy and any other legal texts that regulate any function, service, process, application, platform or formats necessary to use said Website.

The COMSA CORPORACIÓN, in compliance with the provisions of article 10 of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Law 34/2002, provides, via their website access, electronically, permanently, easily, directly and freely, the information regarding their services, as well as their registered address, tax information, registry information, address and the address for communications of the company, and of any other company within the group.

This Legal Warning includes the conditions of use that regulates the access, browsing and use of the Website, as well as liability related to the use, provision and/or contracting of services which, where applicable, may be offered, as well as their contents, without affecting that the COMSA CORPORACIÓN or the companies within its group may set specific conditions that regulate the use, provision and/or contracting of certain products or services which, where applicable, are offered to the Users via the Website.

The COMSA CORPORACIÓN reserves the right to amend at any time the contents of the Legal Warning, as well as any other general or specific conditions, regulations of use, or warnings that may be applicable. Furthermore, it reserves the right to amend at any time the presentation, configuration and location of the Website, as well as the contents and conditions required for its use.

On the Website, links to other websites may be included, that are not managed by the COMSA CORPORACIÓN. The COMSA CORPORACIÓN shall not be liable in relation to any events that may occur when accessing third-party websites.


2. Acceptance of the terms of use

Use of the Website is wholly voluntary. Solely by accessing the Website, the use of the materials contained therein, as well as the completion of forms, the sending of requests for information, consultations, complaints, agreement offers, curriculum vitae and, in general any other acts similar to the above via the forms and/or electronic in-boxes existing on the Website, implies that you have read and accept, without reserve, the Legal Warning and Privacy Policy valid at the time in relation to this Website.

As a consequence, the User must carefully read and accept, without any reservations, this Legal Warning and the Privacy Policy on the Website, prior to carrying out any operation, viewing, use etc, of the contents of said Website.

In the case of not being in agreement with all or part of the contents of this Legal Warning and Privacy Policy of the Website, the User must not use said Website.

The COMSA CORPORACIÓN reserves the right to withdraw access to the Website, without the need for prior warning, to any User that contravenes the provisions of this Legal Warning.


3. Liability Regime

The conditions of access and use of this Website are strictly governed by current law, and by the principle of good faith, with the User agreeing to proper use of the Website and the services offered therein.

For this purpose, any act that breaches the law, of rights or third-party interests are strictly prohibited, as well as any acts that may harm the COMSA CORPORACIÓN or third-party systems on or via the Website or any other means.

The COMSA CORPORACIÓN will not be liable for incorrect, improper or illegal use of the information published on the COMSA CORPORACIÓN Website.

The COMSA CORPORACIÓN will not be liable should access or visits to its Website COMSA not be possible or in the event of experiencing difficulties due to an interruption or faulty provision of electrical supply, telephone connections or other telecommunications providers, not controlled by the COMSA CORPORACIÓN, or in the event of social conflicts or force majeure, or any third party actions, including administrative or legal requirements or orders, sabotage or saturations, irrespective of whether they are intentional or not, which affects normal operation of the Website. Neither is it liable for any damages that the visitor may incur in relation to its IT or electronic devices as a consequence of any of the events included above.

The COMSA CORPORACIÓN does not guarantee availability or continuity of the Website, nor is it liable for any damages that occur, or which may occur in the future, nor for technical faults of any nature, which arise from use of the information and material contained on the Website.


4. Industrial and intellectual property

The user acknowledges and accepts that the industrial and intellectual property rights, and rights related to the contents and any other elements inserted in this Website belong to the COMSA CORPORACIÓN or its licensors.

The COMSA CORPORACIÓN is the owner of the elements that make up the graphic design of the Website, including menus, browsing buttons, HTML code, texts, images, textures, graphics, databases and any other contents or program code on the Website or, in its absence, has the corresponding authorisation for use of these elements.

Therefore, as long as the User complies with all the current industrial and intellectual property regulations, they will be authorised to view all the material and contents of this Website, as it is presented, as well as downloading on a single device, a copy of the material for personal and private use.

The use of any contents on the Website for other purposes must be expressly authorised by the COMSA CORPORACIÓN.

Furthermore, the deletion, avoidance or the alteration in any form of the rights reserved symbols and other rights identification information of the Website is strictly forbidden, as well as the technical protection devices or any information mechanism contained within the contents.

The COMSA CORPORACIÓN authorises the establishment of links between other websites and its own, as long as they respect the following conditions: (i) that the link is not established from a website whose contents are illegal, immoral or breach public order law, (ii) they do not offer an image of COMSA CORPORACIÓN  or its products that is distorted, harmful or wrong, (iii) that it does not create the impression that there is a relationship or commercial link between COMSA CORPORACIÓN and the owners, responsible persons or companies, or advertisers of the website from which the link is created, when there is no such link, (iv) that it does not create the impression that the contents or the COMSA CORPORACIÓN Website belong to or have been designed by the holders, responsible persons or companies, or advertisers of the website from which the link is established.


5. Website Privacy Policy

The handling of personal data that may take place via the Website, will be governed by the provisions of the Website Privacy Policy, accessible at all times by the User, which is an integral part of the COMSA CORPORACIÓN Privacy Policy.


6. Cookies policy

The use of data storage and recovery devices, aka “cookies” or similar technologies by the Website, will be governed by the provisions of the Cookies Policy, accessible from the Website.


7. General Information

The headers of the various clauses are for informative purposes only, and will not affect, qualify or extend the interpretation of the Legal Warning.

The exercising or non-exercising by COMSA CORPORACIÓN of any right or provision contained in this Legal Warning will not constitute a renouncing of it, unless this is provided in writing by the company.

In the case of any provision of this Legal Warning being considered null or void, either totally or partially, by any Court, Tribunal or competent administrative body, said declaration shall not affect the other provisions contained within the Legal Warning.


8. Legislation and Jurisdiction

This Legal Warning and the relationships established between the COMSA CORPORACIÓN and the User, specifically the acknowledgement and resolution of any litigation, discrepancies or differences that may arise, will be governed and resolved in accordance with the provisions of Spanish law in relation to applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction.

However, for the cases in which regulations provide for the possibility of the parties submitting to a specific jurisdiction, COMSA CORPORACIÓN and the User expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, and will submit any disputes and/or litigation to the Courts and Tribunals of the city where the COMSA CORPORACIÓN has its registered address, included in this Legal Warning.