COMSA Corporación

Leaders in infrastructures and engineering

COMSA Corporación works on the development of advanced, high-tech infrastructures in which innovation plays a fundamental role as an motor for growth and the generation of sustainable solutions.


Comité de dirección y liderazgo de COMSA Corporación

D. Jorge Miarnau
Presidente y consejero delegado
D. Guillermo Lorenzo
CEO de Infraestructuras, Ingeniería y Servicios
D. Manel Fonseca
Director general de Servicios Económicos Financieros
D. Juan Enseñat
Director General de Infraestructuras
D. Pablo maset
Director de Ingeniería Industrial
D. Luis Álvarez
Director de Mantenimiento, conservación y servicios
D. Fernando Práxedes
Director de Concesiones

COMSA Corporación in figures

COMSA Corporación has consolidated its leadership in Spain with a business portfolio of over 1,500 million euros and growing activity in the international market

Annual summary

COMSA Corporación annual sumary 2022

To find out about COMSA Corporación’s most outstanding projects, please consult the 2022 Annual Report.

Worldwide presence

COMSA Corporación has a consolidated activity in the international field.

Mechanical and controlling installations of the new Seat of Justice in Andorra.
Installation of the collection of photovoltaic solar energy in the Ordino’s Sports Centre.

COMSA Corporación is established in Andorra through EM-T, an engineering company that has been operating for more than 40 years in the country. It is specialized in installations, industrial systems and telecommunications. In addition, it is leader in the installation of geothermal technology in buildings.

Railway line construction between Gradec and Sveti Ivan Zabno.
Improvement and electrification of an 18.7 km section of the railway line between Vinkovci and Vukovar.

Specialization in railway infrastructure: construction, renovation and electrification of railway lines. One of the milestones of the corporation is the construction of the railway line between Gradec and Sveti Zabno, which is the first of new construction in the country for more than 50 years.

  • Railway overhaul and electrification between provinces of Vinkovci and Vukovar ($60,3M)
Construction of the Odense tram

In Northern Europe, COMSA Corporación executes and develops railway projects, both infrastructure construction and engineering and systems works.

  • Design and construction of Odense tram ($190,8M)
Construction of the Santa Cilia - Puente la Reina de Jaca section of the Pyrenees motorway (A-21) from Jaca to Pamplona (Huesca).
Construction of the Lugaritz - Miraconcha section of the Donostia Metro (Guipúzcoa)
Framework contracts for construction, equipment supply and maintenance of networks and infrastructure for Cellnex, CTTI, France Telecom, Iberdrola, Red Eléctrica and Vodafone.

Turnkey railway projects. Development of industrial engineering works. Comprehensive and multidisciplinary maintenance services. Promotion and concession of infrastructures. Management and development of renewable energy projects.

0 Million euros
2020 Turnover
Maintenance of ornamental fountains in Paris.
Maintenance of electrical installations in the seat of CERN in Prevessin.
Clean areas for a biosecurity laboratory in Brétigny-sur-Orge.

COMSA Industrial develops industrial engineering projects, the main ones being electrical and mechanical installations, as well as projects for the biopharma sector.

Through COMSA Service, the group performs maintenance of more than a hundred of ornamental fountains in the country.

  • Electrical installations and communication systems support in the seat of CERN in Prevessin ($74,9M)
Renovation of the track superstructure between the towns of Valadares and Gaia
Maintenance of overhead line in the Cacia platform

Through FERGRUPO, execution of railway projects, both at the level of construction and of track renovation and maintenance.

In this country it is also present COMSA for the development of civil works and COMSA Industrial for engineering works.

  • Renovation of the Beira Alta line ($90,2M)
  • Construction of the railway section between Évora Norte and Freixo ($56,3M)
Track doubling between the stations of Tibble and Visigne in Täby
Extension of the road between Ekerö and Lindö

Design and execution of infrastructure projects: roads, tunnels, bridges and railway lines works.

  • Design and construction of the tunnels that will provide access to the Stockholm bypass on the E4 motorway in Skärholmen ($39,8M).
  • Expansion of the Väg 261 Ekerövägen E1 highway and construction of a movable bridge ($41M).
Electrical installations, fibre-optic and communication systems support at CERN.
Cultural Centre of Lugano.

Industrial engineering projects: electromechanical installations, maintenance of telecommunications.

Execution of construction projects.

  • Electrical installations and communication systems support in the CERN seat in Meyrin ($74,9M).
Track upgrade on the section from Sorrento to La Salada on the Belgrano line in the province of Santa Fe.

Railway works execution and development: track renovation and modernization, construction of railway bridges.

Track duplication of the Régis Bittencourt highway in Serra de Cafezal.
Second phase of Line 4 of São Paulo Metro.

Execution of railway infrastructure projects: construction of metro lines, railway track doubling, specialized maintenance.

Civil work: construction, improvement and expansion of roads and highways.

  • Second phase of Line 4 of São Paulo Metro ($283,9M)
  • Duplication and renovation of a 78 km section of the BR-101 road in Alagoas state ($159,4M)
Supply and installation of an ornamental fountain for the Kaukari’s park in Copiapó
TETRA communications mobile network

Telecommunications systems leasing. Biopharma projects for laboratories. Supply and installation of ornamental fountains.

Supply, installation and commissioning of the electromechanical equipment and communication systems for Túnel de la Línea, which is the longest of Latin America
Excavation, buttressing and lining of the Amagá tunnels on the Pacífico 1 motorway

COMSA Corporación develops projects for the supply, installation and commissioning of electromechanical equipment, communication systems and ITS. It also executes works of big infrastructures like tunnels construction.

  • Execution of the Amagá tunnel of the Pacífico 1 motorway ($103M)
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of ITS systems for the tunnels of the road between Bolomolo, Camino C. and Ancón Sur ($20M)
Maintenance of the light train track system of Mexico City in the Tasquena-Estadio Azteca section.
Construction of 110 kilometers of the Libramiento Sur motorway in Guadalajar
Development of an air treatment system for the Birmex factory

COMSA Corporación develops infrastructure projects: motorway and road construction, as well as railway execution, rehabilitation and maintenance.

Through EOLIS, the group executes industrial engineering projects: electromechanical and system installations.

  • Rehabilitation of the La Mata-Colonia Jordán section of the Istmo de Tehuantepec Railway ($30,5M)
Pharmaceutical factory for the steril, oral and semi-solid liquids line of Laboratorios Catedral.

Biopharma projects: execution of pharmaceutical factories as well as new quality control areas and microbiology for laboratories.

Construction of the substation of Moyococha.

Electrical maintenance projects and works of the transport and distribution in high, medium and low tension network.

Refurbishment of a 327 kilometers railway section between Piedra Sola and Salto Grande.
Expansion of the Megapharma plant.

Construction of pharmaceutical production plants.

Execution of infrastructure projects: railway refurbishment and maintenance.

Installation of Navigation Aids system at the airports of Casablanca, Ben Slimane, Errachidia, Ifrane and Tan tan.
Solid's production plant of Spimaco in Casablanca.

Construction of pharmaceutical production plants.

Aeronautic engineering projects: installation of air navigation systems.

Installations in airports: supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of telescopic boarding bridges.

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of landing systems (ILS) and distance measurement equipment (DME) at 14 airports of Morocco ($15,4M)