Adasa to implement a remote control system in the water supply network in Morocco

Adasa, a COMSA Corporación group company specialising in water technologies, has been awarded a contract to provide a system of automation and remote control for the networks supplying drinking water to the Moroccan cities of Settat, Nador, Meknes and Ifrane.

The project, promoted by the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water, aims to ensure the water supply and quality of the water for the 5.3 million consumers, one-sixth of the total population of the country, and improve the efficiency in the management of the installations to optimise energy and cost savings.

As part of a consortium, Adasa will carry out the engineering design and installation of the system of remote control of 108 points, including tanks, pumping stations, wells and treatment plants, as well as the commissioning of three control centres for monitoring and assistance in the operation of the equipment.

Adasa has had a presence in Morocco for more than 10 years and has executed various projects related to hydrological control for the River Basin Agencies of Loukkos, Moulouya and Oum Er-Rbia.

Water treatment plant

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