COMSA Corporación, committed to the comprehensive and sustainable management of industrial waste

World Environment Day (5th of june)

The management of waste is currently one of the major environmental challenges of the industrial sector. According to the National Institute of Statistics, in Spain more than 42 million tonnes of industrial waste are generated annually, of which 1.4 million tonnes are dangerous. In a context where increasing productive activity entails higher residue levels, environmentally sustainable management and treatment is essential, as are methods of recovery that allow waste to be reused.

In this regard, the companies that make up the industrial waste division of COMSA Medio Ambiente offer turnkey management of waste from the various productive sectors, which includes collection, transportation and processing this in plants for recovery, treatment or disposal.

In the field of recovery, the company Edafo manages more than 230,000 tonnes of organic waste from the industrial and agricultural sectors and from water treatment in the composting plant in Camarles (Tarragona). Meanwhile, the company GMN promotes recycling and reuse of end-of-life tyres and rubber material at the factory in Maials (Lleida). In the last year, it recovered more than 14,500 tonnes and sold 85% of the recycled rubber in international markets.

Enviland offers advice, dismantling and industrial cleaning, and also treatment, transport and recovery of waste in Catalonia. It has recently commissioned a new centre for collection and transfer of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in Granollers (Barcelona).

Grupo Magma covers the areas of industrial liquid waste treatment and recovery of High Density Polyethylene and contaminated metal, as well as off-site work such as decontamination of asbestos, replacement of roofs and facades and scrapping of aircraft, ships and trains, among other activities. During 2015, Magma handled over 80,000 tonnes at its physical-chemical treatment plant in Valencia.

The chain is completed by companies specialised in the disposal of waste that cannot be recovered. Atlas operates the only controlled dump for hazardous waste in Catalonia which, during the last year, received more than 100,000 tonnes. And IGNEA Medio Ambiente operates a landfill for waste disposal in Bolaños de Calatrava (Ciudad Real), handling an average of 45,000 tonnes per year.

COMSA Corporación apuesta por una gestión integral y sostenible de los residuos industriales Treatment plant Physicochemical of Grupo Magma in Valencia
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