COMSA develops management systems to improve the conservation of transport infrastructure

The technical business area of COMSA has been awarded the contracts for four R&D projects involving the development of new materials and management systems that will allow longer lasting and more efficient maintenance of railway infrastructure.

MAPMIT (multifunctional materials designed for strengthening and monitoring of transport infrastructure) project will develop a new method for the repair, rehabilitation and reinforcement of tunnels, embankments and bridges by the projecting of mortars and multifunctional concretes. In this way, both the properties of the materials used and also their resistance and adhesion will be improved.

SISGES (smart, sustainable and integrated management system for structures) aims to provide a new tool for the integrated management of infrastructures that facilitates decision-making relating to their conservation based on the real-time evaluation of their condition.

Meanwhile, RECOVER (comprehensive sustainable anti-pollution treatment for the creation of green railway corridors) seeks to create green railway corridors by means of systems for removing contaminants associated with the operation of the infrastructure, especially in relation to ballast.

Finally, FINLAY (reduction of traffic accidents through sustainable fine and ultra-fine layered road surfaces with an extended life cycle) initiative seeks to develop a new generation of high performance mixtures for asphalt to improve the safety, durability and sustainability of road surfaces and reduce the cost of their life cycle.

These projects involve total funding of 4.3 million euros from the Retos-Colaboración 2015 call for proposals from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Spanish Government.

COMSA desarrollará sistemas para mejorar la conservación de las infraestructuras de transporte
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