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COMSA delivers the Odense tramway project, in Denmark

On April 26, COMSA delivered to Odense Letbane P/S the 14 km of Odense’s tramway. The contract has concluded with the delivery of the infrastructure and the approval for use by the Danish regulator.

During work execution, COMSA has maintained its commitment and has contributed with all necessary resources as to deliver the tramway as soon as possible, proving its professionalism at all times, in the project development and towards its client (Odense Letbane P/S) so Odense citizens could use this new sustainable infrastructure in time and with maximum safety guarantee.

To successfully deliver the project, a lot of effort has been made by all teams involved, given the high need for coordination between the large number of agents involved in a project with great technical challenges and the unforeseeable difficulties generated among others by the Covid pandemic.

COMSA hopes, once the work has been transferred to the operator, that soon Odense citizens will be able to enjoy this new infrastructure becoming a symbol of the city modernization.

A sustainable project

COMSA has carried out the construction of more than 14 km of double-track tramway between the Tarup Center and Hjallese, and 26 stations that make up the line. The Spanish construction company has also been in charge of signaling, telecommunications, a control centre and workshop, as well as test-run prior to service.

Odense tramway project has been carried out under sustainability criteria, implementing, among other measures, anti-vibration blankets, and rail jackets to reduce noise and oscillations that come with train circulation. At the same time, the workshop is energy self-sufficient thanks to the installation of more than 500 square meters of solar panels on the roof, glazing, and skylights to favor natural light and an efficient thermal insulation that will mean saving in energy bills.

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