Inauguration of the Peralada Group’s new winery

The Peralada Group’s new winery, built by COMSA Corporación in the province of Girona (Spain), was inaugurated on 10 May. It is a unique and sustainable project in which the 18,200 m2 of facilities are integrated into the landscape. The winery is also the first in Europe to obtain Leed Gold energy efficiency certification.

The winery’s deep foundations allow interaction with geothermal layers. The building has 538 struts at a depth of between 8 and 20 metres, 331 of which are used to reduce heating, cooling and domestic hot water consumption, achieving savings of around 37%.

Water consumption is also reduced both inside the building, with the combination of efficient taps and rainwater, as well as outside by using an efficient irrigation system and using rainwater for gardening. In addition, the rainwater storage tank and network support the natural water cycle and reduce sewer and wastewater treatment plant saturation.

The building has low-consumption lighting and favours the entry and use of natural light through the roof and by means of an advanced management system. Furthermore, 100% of the electricity consumption is certified renewable energy.

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