COMSA Service completes the renovation of the musical fountain of Goyang, in South Korea

COMSA Service has completed the improvement project of the ‘Spectacular Musical Fountain‘ in Goyang, located 30 km north of Seoul, in South Korea, through the Buigas Technical Office (OTB).

The project has consisted of the replacement of the existing lighting equipment with a new one based on high-power RGB LED technology, as well as improvements in the hydraulic systems that allow different shows to be performed with less energy consumption. The company’s own Sincroshow® software has also been installed for the editing and control of the fountain, specifically designed for the management of musical and multimedia shows.

The ‘Spectacular Musical Fountain’, located in Ilsan park, measures 60 metres in diameter and contains a 50-metre-high central fountain. It was built in 2004 by COMSA Service inspired by the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc in Barcelona and, since its commissioning, the Buigas Technical Office has continued developing the technical maintenance service and software updates.

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