Innovation is a fundamental pillar in the business philosophy of COMSA Corporación. It currently has more than 37 ongoing innovation projects in Spain and abroad. During 2016 the company carried out R+D+I activities for the sum of 8 million Euros. 

The European Commission has allocated €1.59M for the commercialization of the Neoballast project led by COMSA through the ‘Fast Track to Innovation’ (FTI) program, an initiative to close to market innovative products. Neoballast aims to improve the properties of railway ballast to reduce the level of degradation and attenuate the noise and vibrations caused by the trains running on the tracks. 

On the other hand, the engineering area has set-up the eQualtiq start-up, an advanced solution which enables energy consumption of facilities and buildings to be optimized in accordance with sustainability and efficiency criteria. The technology includes active control systems to adapt consumption to the real needs of the facilities, forecasting systems to predict future demands, and recommendation tools to propose and implement cost-saving measures leading to cost reductions.


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The company has international renowned certifications such as AENOR's UNE 166.002, BREEM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). 


COMSA Corporación is part of several associations and forefront technology platforms specialized in applied innovation to construction sector, among them:


COMSA Corporación is currently a member of ACC1Ó Connect-EU network and founder of the Clúster de Eficiencia Energética de Cataluña (CEEC).