New Sant Vicenç de Calders station building (Tarragona)

COMSA has finished the construction of the new operations building at Sant Vicenç de Calders railway station (Tarragona), one of the busiest in Catalonia. This single-storey infrastructure, which covers a surface area of nearly 1,000 m2, has been built at a cost of over one million Euros.

The building is divided into two areas, one for offices and the other for track maintenance work, comprising a repair shop, a welding room and a room with inspection pit for vehicle loading and repair. Outside the building the tracks have been redistributed with two new sidings for maintenance machinery access to the building, while parking and goods collection areas have also been fitted out.

Following completion of the works, various Adif representatives visited the new building on 28th September. The delegation was headed by the Director of Operations and Conventional Network Engineering, Miguel Leor, accompanied by the Deputy Director of Northeast Area Operations, Carlos Quingles, and the Head of Maintenance for Tarragona, Susana Herrero. COMSA was represented by Ignacio Gómez, Jesús Álvarez and Jesús Tovar.

Nuevo edificio de la estación de St. Vicenç de Calders (Tarragona)

In the picture, form left to right: Jesús Tovar (COMSA), Ignacio Gómez (COMSA), Miguel Leor (Adif), Carlos Quingles (Adif), Susana Herrero (Adif) and Jesús Álvarez (COMSA).

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