Gersa extends its waste mangament services in Santiago de Chile

Gestión ecológica de Residuos SA (Gersa), a company working in environmental matters, is about conclude two waste collection and treatment projects in Chile, whose total investment comes to mare than 19 million euros.

The first in the waste transfer centre ‘Cerro Los Cóndores’, in the industrial area of the district of Quilicura that, when operating at full yield in 2018, shall receive up to 20,000 tonnes per month. Said wastes shall later be transferres to the sanitary landfill named ‘Cerros La Leona’, Gersa’s second project, constructed by COMSA EMTE Environment.

Estación de transferencia de residuos “Cerro Los Cóndores” (Chile)

Said facility shall consist of an integral solid waste treatment plant, located in the Til-Til district, in the province of Chacabuco, which shall be able to receive 60,000 tonnes per month. The project has an environmental impact study approved that considers, among other initiatives, the execution of an external environmental audit commissioned to the Catholic University of Valparaíso, the creation of a cordon sanitare that ensures strict environmental compliance and the planting of 800 trees and bushes per hectare as a mitigation measure.

With both contracts, Gersa shall progressively take charge of a part of the waste managament in the northern area of Santiago, extending its service offering not only to regional municipalities, but also to bussinesses, supermarkets, offices and clinics, among others.

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