COMSA EMTE consolidates its growth in 2011 in international markets

COMSA EMTE, a group specializing in infrastructures and technology closed the 2011 fiscal year with international sales of 859 MEUR, a volume representing 39.8% of the Group’s total sales. International activity was marked by the merger between the Polish affiliate and the leading public infrastructure company in Lithuania, the consolidation of international agreements (620 million) and access to new markets, such as Turkey, Panama,Colombia andChina.

COMSA  EMTE’s consolidated sales in  2011 stood at  2,158 MEUR, against 1,781 MEUR in 2010. Within this complex economic and financial environment, the group managed to cushion the fall in national market sales thanks to its international business. Non-traditional business lines reached a level of maturity that awarded them a certain importance within the group. Thus, turnover from the transport and logistics, environment and renewable energies businesses obtained an average increase of 40% this last fiscal year. Investments during the 2011 fiscal year stood at 70.3 MEUR.

Despite the abovementioned decrease in civil construction investment in Spain, the infrastructures area constituted the group’s main activity, with a volume of 1,384 MEUR, supported by international business.  COMSA EMTE obtained relevant projects, such as the upgrading of several roads in Mexico, the construction of the Ankara metro in Turkey and the infrastructure works at the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor in France (ITER). (…)

Check the complete Press Release here.

If you want to discover COMSA EMTE’s main activities in 2011, check our Annual Report.

Puente ferroviario en Boleslawiec (Polonia)
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