Rochina Mantenimiento, a successful case of energy saving at the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation

In June Rochina Mantenimiento attended a conference in Valenciaorganized by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation on the environmental and economic benefits of energy savings.

The Director of Rochina Mantenimiento, Francisco Aragó, focused his presentation on the case study of comprehensive alterations to one of the buildings of the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) in Madrid. The alterations consisted in the installation of its own power plant and the implementation of other measures with the primary goal of reducing the building’s energy bill.

The seminar organized by Gas Natural Fenosa gathered together more than 200 professionals in Valencia related to the energy and environment sectors. The Valencia Regional Government assisted at the conference, thereby allowing the promotion of energy efficiency and smart grids in the Regional Community.

Rochina Mantenimiento presente en la Fundación Gas Natural Fenosa
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