Launch of the new Tercat terminal in the Port of Barcelona

On July 2, Terminal Catalunya (Tercat) launched its new Muelle Prat terminal in the Port of Barcelona, built by COMSA in a project worth around 100 million euros. The facility will operate in a testing phase until September, the date when the provisional European gauge rail link is expected to be completed, operating at full capacity from 2013.

The work, carried out by COMSA in conjunction with Ferrovial, has focussed on building a new base with a surface for the container fleet, structures supporting port infrastructure and the construction of accesses. It has also been responsible for construction of the building and parking areas at the terminal, the laying of lines for the rail link and the work needed for the operation (drainage, sewers, electricity, fire prevention, drinking water, communications and lighting).

With the implementation of this project, COMSA is helping to improve the safety level at the terminal, as well as resource efficiency, productivity and organization of facilities. With this facility, the largest in the extended Port area, Barcelona is aiming to position itself as the main gateway to southern Europe for goods from Asia.

Terminal Tercat Puerto de Barcelona
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