COMSA Service renovates the ornamental fountains of the seaside promenade of Salou

09/09/19 – COMSA Service has completed the project for the renovation of the ornamental fountains along the seaside promenade of Salou (Tarragona), one of the town’s main attractions. Over four months, the Buigas Technical Office carried out the improvement and updating work on the installations, which consisted primarily of the renovation of the hydraulic, lighting and multimedia equipment, in addition to the automation of the shows including remote control.

Following the completion of the work, on the 5th of August, the fountains were inaugurated coinciding with the premièring of one of the new shows based on a combination of water, light and sound effects and video and laser projection.

Espectáculo multimedia de la fuente cibernética de Salou, renovada por COMSA Service

Multimedia show of the Salou cybernetic fountain, renovated by COMSA Service.

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