COMSA rehabilitates the AN 104 road in Peru

24/07/19 – COMSA has been awarded the conservation contract for the restoration and replacement of the 145 km of the AN 104 road, which runs between the provinces of Santa and Huaylas, in the Region of Ancash, in Peru. Specifically, COMSA will restore, improve and ensure adequate trafficability for passenger transport on this Peruvian road.

The project entails rebuilding the two-layer surface along the entire road, in addition to rehabilitating the driving surface, cleaning and shaping the slopes, as well as rehabilitating all the drainage structures. Also planned is the maintenance of existing bridges, the maintenance and replacement of signalling and road safety, as well as surveying and environmental mitigation activities.

The works will be carried out in two phases. The first will be the preparation of the executive design of the Work Plan, with the objective of quantifying the metrics for each of the activities that are necessary to restore the road. In the second one the executive design will be implemented.

Carretera AN 104 de Perú

COMSA is to rehabilitate the 145 km of the AN 104 road in Peru

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