The Autovía del Reguerón enters into service in Murcia

COMSA, in a Joint Venture with Vías y Construcciones and SANJOSE Constructora, has finished the execution works of the Autovía del Reguerón, in the Bypass of Murcia MU-30. The new highway was put into service last Thursday, September 9.

The works have consisted of the execution of a new 6.8 km long mainline route, to which are added 2.4 km of Avda. de Levante and 2.5 km of the connecting branches with the RM-1 autonomous highway, from Zeneta to San Javier.

The new stretch of highway includes three viaducts, as well as two overpasses and four underpasses that, together with the execution of more than 5 km of service roads parallel to the trunk line, guarantee access to the adjoining properties and the permeability of the route along its route.

Likewise, this new highway will reduce summer congestion in Puerto de la Cadena, on the A-30, and save on time and fuel by diversifying the return routes to the capital, shortening the route between the coast and the city of Murcia by 8 kilometres. Furthermore, it will mean an improvement in accessibility for the 50,000 inhabitants of the population centres that are located next to the South Coast of Murcia, which will save more than 15 minutes when traveling to the urban centre of Murcia.

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