COMSA and Nortúnel complete the excavation of the Amagá Tunnel

COMSA and Nortúnel concluded last Friday, May 21st, the excavation of the right road of the Amagá Tunnel, located in the Southwest of Antioquia (Colombia). The works are part of the Pacific 1 4G Connection project, which seeks an alternate connection between the Eje Cafetero, Medellín and the port of Buenaventura. 

Last April, COMSA and Nortúnel already completed the excavation of the left road of the work, a milestone that was achieved several months ahead of schedule. Thus, with the excavation of the right road, the total excavation of 7.2 km (3.6 km each carriageway) has been achieved. In this sense, with both roads fully perforated, the cladding, paving and finishing works will continue.

Pacífico 1 is part of the Highway connection for Prosperity. The 4G project is the largest of all, with more than 1,000 kilometres of extension, and will allow access to river navigation and the port of Buenaventura with savings of up to 30% in costs and travel times. 

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