Railway infrastructures

Specialist in turnkey railway projects

Construction of the Río Andarax - El Puche section of the Mediterranean Corridor, Murcia-Almería (Spain)
Construction of La Sagrera's high-speed train station in Barcelona (Spain)
Remodelling and expansion of the Chamartín station and construction of 4 additional tracks for high-speed trains (Spain)
Madrid - Galicia high-speed line. Deza Viaduct (Spain)
Madrid-Seville high-speed line. Section: Adamuz-Villanueva, Córdoba (Spain)
High-speed line Antequera-Granada. Sections: Tocón-Valderrubio and Access to Granada. Granada station and assembly of Tocón-Granada track (Spain)
Palencia-León high-speed line. Construction of the Onzonilla-Estación de León section (Spain)
Madrid-Valladolid high-speed line (Spain). Construction of the Guadarrama Tunnel
Barcelona-Madrid high-speed line. (Spain) Section: Calatayud-Lleida
High-speed line Rome-Naples (Italy)
High-speed Atlantic axis. Construction of the high-speed line section between Soutomaior and Vilaboa, in Galicia (Spain)
Seville-Cádiz High Speed Line (Spain)

High-speed lines

COMSA has participated in the development of all high-speed lines in Spain since the construction of the first line in 1988. In total, it has built more than 800 km of double high-speed lines in Spain and Italy.

Metros and trams

COMSA Corporación has built more than 300 km of metros and trams in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Ankara, Mexico City, São Paulo, Dublin, Oporto and Lisbon.

Construction of the Odense tramway (Denmark)
Construction of the new Metrovalencia L10, between the Amado Granell and Nazaret ramp (Spain)
Second phase of Line 4 of the Sao Paulo Subway (Brazil)
The Necatibey station of the Ankara metro (Turkey), built by COMSA, was chosen as the best medium-size railway station in Europe by the European Rail Congress.
Palma-University of the Balearic Islands Metropolitan Line, Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Construction of the Bursa tramway (Turkey)
Construction of the Dublin Tramway (Ireland)
Barcelona Tramway (Spain)
Bilbao Metro (Spain)
Porto metro (Portugal)
Track renovation of the Pobla Llarga - Silla section of the Valencia Cercanías network (Spain)
Rehabilitation of La Mata – Colonia Jordan section of the Tehuantepec Isthmus Railway (Mexico)
Modernisation of the Vinkovci - Vukovar railway section (Croatia)
Modernisation of the Pampilhosa – Santa Comba Dão section of the Beira Alta line (Portugal)
Modernisation of the E59 railway track (Poland)
Construction of the railway section between Gradec and Sveti Ivan Zabno (Croatia)
Complete renovation of the track superstructure on Line 1 of the Madrid Metro (Spain)
Renovation of the track superstructure between the towns of Valadares and Gaia (Portugal)
Track renovation on line 5 of Barcelona Metro (Spain)
Track renewal of the Belgrano Sur line (Argentina)
Rehabilitation and repair of the Barranco de Aguas viaduct on Line 1 of the Alicante Tram (Spain)
Track renewal on the Maçanet de la Selva-Caldes de Malavella section (Spain)
Maintenance of the high-speed line Madrid-Seville (Spain)
Maintenance of the San Román bridge on the Bilbao-Ferrol conventional line (Spain)
Maintenance of track and overhead line of the railway lines of the northern area of Portugal
Work on the Ponte de Coval as part of the renovation of Beira Alta line (Portugal)

Refurbishment and maintenance

COMSA is a benchmark company in construction, maintenance, conservation and refurbishment of conventional railway lines based on a century of experience. The group has renovated more than 1,600 km of track in Spain since 1999 and in Latin America.