The COMSA Corporación Code of Ethics reflects the values and principles of behaviour that govern the activity of the group and guide the conduct of all the businesses and employees that make up the organisation. These guidelines apply in all countries where the group operates and are extensible to customers and suppliers who work with the group. 

The document, adopted in 2011 and updated in 2016, determines how employees behave in their professional relationships where these involve ethics and integrity issues related to the commitments of the organisation and to the applicable laws.

See the Code of Ethics of COMSA Corporación.

The COMSA Corporación Code of Ethics emphasises the following basic principles:

1. Commitment to legality

All the business activities of COMSA Corporación and its professional staff are carried out in strict compliance with the current legislation in each of the countries in which it operates.

2. Commitment to good practices

COMSA Corporación applies the principle of zero tolerance for bad practices in terms of ethics and integrity. All its actions and those of its professional staff are performed with honesty and responsibility, avoiding any practice that undermines business ethics.

3. Commitment to human rights

The activities of COMSA Corporación and its employees are carried out within a framework of respect for human rights and civil liberties. COMSA Corporación does not tolerate any type of discrimination and expressly rejects any conduct that violates these principles.

4. Environmental and social commitment

COMSA Corporación operates with the greatest respect for the environment, minimising any possible adverse impact. Its commitment to society is manifested through the assistance provided to social organisations.

The group allocates resources aimed at preventing, detecting and eradicating bad practices. In this regard, the main undertakings of the Ethics Commission, created in 2011, are to ensure that the principles and values ??of the Code of Ethics are applied and, to this end, to promote understanding of the Code of Ethics within the organisation, to ensure the proper operation of the channel of complaints and to deal with notifications received regarding irregularities in order to ensure compliance with the Code of Ethics.