The Bequal Foundation certifies the CLD’s policies on disability issues

The Bequal Foundation has awarded CLD its Bequal certificate in recognition of its social responsibility and commitment on issues relating to disability. The company, which already held the Certificate of Excellence in Diversity from the Seeliger y Conde Foundation, has thus become one of the first to obtain this new seal of approval.

The certificate assesses and rewards the efforts of CLD to include people with disabilities in business management. It is based on a model that contemplates 66 indicators relating to strategy, leadership, senior management’s commitment towards the disabled, inclusive policies, non-discrimination and equal opportunities in all selection procedures, access to employment, professional advancement and training.

Obtaining Bequal certification is a recognition of CLD’s social commitment, which has supported from the outset the hiring of personnel with disabilities and at risk of social exclusion, among other initiatives.

The aim of the Bequal Foundation is to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies relating to people with disabilities into companies’ strategy, organization and management. To this end, it calls on the expertise of its founding entities: the Spanish Committee of Representatives of the Disabled (CERMI), the ONCE Foundation, FEACEM and the Seeliger y Conde Foundation.

La Fundación Bequal certifica las políticas de CLD en materia de discapacidad
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