Dismantling work continues at the old Moyresa-Bunge facilities

The work of dismantling the old Moyresa-Bunge facilities in the Port of Valencia are progressing well and 22% have already been implemented. It is expected that the west part will be fully dismantled and clean during the first week of February, in order to start the work of demolishing the concrete silos.

In this phase of the work and prior to the demolition of the concrete silos, the Port Authority of Valencia has commissioned MAGMA to conduct an inspection of the current state of the property adjacent to the plot, with notary records to be issued. The Port Authority is thereby complying with other requirements of the Federation of Valencia Residents and Nazaret Residents.

In this period of work, tasks were performed to remove insulation from pipes and tanks, clearing furnishings, woodwork etc. 42,000 kg of non-hazardous waste, 64,000 kilos of hazardous waste and 500,000 kg of metallic materials have been removed and handled so far.

MAGMA, a part of the COMSA EMTE Environment business, has increased the resources on site to expedite the decommissioning and dismantling of metal structure buildings, as well as equipment and pipes. They currently have 3 cutting torches, 5 backhoes and a hydraulic press for packaging materials.

Continúan los trabajos de desmantelamiento de la antigua Moyresa-Bunge
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