COMSA Renovables and Electra Caldense to supply thermal energy from biomass for domestic and industrial use

COMSA Renovables and Electra Caldense have signed a collaboration agreement for the production and marketing of thermal energy from biomass in the domestic and industrial sectors.

More specifically, in the projects to be carried out under the agreement, the renewable energy company COMSA Corporación will be responsible for the supply of forest biomass for subsequent energy recovery, while Electra Caldense will be in charge of the production and sale of energy.

Through this collaboration agreement, the two companies, both of which are founding members of the Catalonia Biomass Cluster, will also execute turnkey projects that will include the design, construction, commissioning and operation and maintenance of new facilities for thermal energy production.

The alliance also includes the possibility of acting through an Energy Services Company (ESCO). In this way, the latter would be responsible for the initial investment, while payment for the services provided would be based on the savings obtained by the customer due to the energy efficiency improvements implemented.

The agreement is part of the strategy of the Catalan Regional Government to promote energy from forestry and agricultural sources through the use of biomass to produce thermal energy in homes and industries. According to the Catalan government, this plan will involve the handling of 600,000 tonnes per year from 2020, more than double the current amount of 240,000 t/year.

COMSA Renovables y Electra Caldense suministrarán energía térmica a partir de biomasa para su uso doméstico e industrialForestry biomass for the Borges solar thermal hybrid power (Lleida)

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