COMSA EMTE renews its commitment to sustainability

COMSA EMTE remains committed to a city model that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and with a better quality of life. In this respect, the company has been involved in Commitment 22 for a fairer, more prosperous and self-sufficient Barcelona, which inherits the spirit of Agenda 21 in force during the last ten years.

The CEO, José Miarnau, and the Environment General Manager, Xavier Martí, represented the company at the act of renewing and signing the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability for 2012-22 held at the Town Council’s Saló de Cent on December 11.

This Commitment should guide the actions of the more than 800 signatories with a shared vision and objectives. Among the 100 activities planned, it proposes to develop a network of green corridors, enhance pedestrian areas, boost energy efficiency or facilitate access to housing.

COMSA EMTE renueva su compromiso con la sostenibilidad
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