Adasa participates in a European project to reuse wastewater

Adasa, an engineering company within the COMSA EMTE group specialising in technological solutions applied to water and the environment, is participating in the European project R3Water (Reuse of water, Recovery of valuables and Resource efficiency in urban wastewater treatment) which aims to provide technological solutions to improve the performance of wastewater treatment plants and achieve the reuse of the water resources and recoverable products that they produce.

For this purpose, the project tests a number existing technologies to facilitate their marketing. Currently, pilot tests are already being carried out in different parts of Belgium, Sweden and Spain. In the last of these, and using the facilities of the Consortium Costa Brava, an agency that manages some twenty purification plants, an OptimEDAR system has been installed, which allows an optimisation of the aeration process in the biological reactor of a small or medium-sized WWTP. In this way a higher quality of treated water and reduced energy consumption is achieved. In parallel, the aquaBio equipment has been installed for the automatic detection of Escherichia coli and total coliforms, key indicators for water reuse and the determination of possible uses. These tests, led by Adasa, will allow validation of performance, a necessary step before commercialisation of the systems.

With a proposed duration of three and a half years and a budget of 7.8 million euros, funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, the consortium of the R3Water project is led by the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and involves the participation of twelve technology partners from seven European countries.

Efficient water management

Respect for the environment is one of the values that distinguishes the activity of COMSA EMTE. As well as Adasa, the group has another two companies involved in water-related activities and that contribute to its efficient use.

Deisa focuses its business activity on water treatment and purification. It is an engineering company that develops turnkey projects including basic and conceptual engineering, construction, and operation of plants. Deisa has extensive international experience, with over 350 projects implemented in 20 countries, and has a subsidiary in Algeria, Deisa Algérie.

Meanwhile, COMSA EMTE Environment manages the company Aigües de Catalunya, specialising in the management of the integral water cycle. Among the services provided is management of municipal potable water distribution systems and wastewater treatment, as well as sewerage services and the operation and maintenance of irrigation systems.

Adasa participa en un proyecto europeo para el reaprovechamiento de aguas residualesPicture of the WTP of Castell d’Aro, managed by the Consortium Costa Brava
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