Adasa investigates new waste water treatment technologies

Adasa, a company integrated in the Systems and Technology business of the COMSA EMTE group has launched a waste water treatment project valued at 15.5 million euros and financed by the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI).

Adasa leads a group formed by ten companies – among which is Deisa, also belonging to COMSA EMTE- and eleven universities and technology centers. The consortium will carry out research, in the field of the environment, into various processing, reuse and control technologies with a view to the future sustainability of water treatment.

The project, called ITACA, will study new efficient and sustainable industrial and urban waste water treatment technologies that will permit the treatment process to become a strategy for reuse, the use of substances, sub-products and waste, and energy recovery, and one which will minimize the impact on the environment.

The six stage ITACA project, to be completed by December 2014, is currently in its initial stage. In this stage, the consortium, lead by Adasa, has established the regulations for the various activities and technologies to be researched and developed, by means of team work and the exchange of know how and the interaction of all participants.

Planta tratamiento de aguas residuales

Last November, the ITACA project was selected by the INNPRONTA programme, which finances large scale industrial research initiatives and is backed by the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI). INNPRONTA finances strategic and large scale scientific and technical projects in future technology areas with international economic and commercial projection.

The selection of ITACA by CDTI corroborates the clear support by Adasa and the companies of COMSA EMTE for R+D+i as a strategic instrument for growth and their vocation for improvement in the well-being of society, sustainable development and the protection of the environment.

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