Antoni Quintana wins the Premio Español de Mantenimiento 2011

Antoni Quintana Poblet, Director of Facilities Management at EMTE Service, has been awarded the Premio Español de Mantenimiento 2011 by the Asociación Española de Mantenimiento (AEM) for his professional background in the field of Maintenance and Facilities Management.

The jury acknowledged the important work he has carried out during his professional career, especially his work as Director of Maintenance of the Barcelona Regional Council heritage in the nineteen eighties, as well as his contribution in Project Management of large building projects such as L’Illa Diagonal, the Barcelona Science Museum and the Barcelona World Trade Centre.

Antoni Quintana

Quintana has participated frequently in the AEM task forces and has presented several seminars and articles at their events. He has also been a member of the Executive Board of the Spanish Society of Facility Management (today integrated in the Spanish chapter of the IFMA).

Antoni Quintana has taught the subjects of Maintenance, Project and Facility Management and Energy at various Universities and Technical Engineering Colleges in Spain for the past ten years.

Maintenance Management and Comprehensive facility operations, under the modern term of Facilities Management, has interested him since 1999, when he took on the responsibility of the contracting, management and maintenance of the entire cultural heritage of La Caixa.

A qualified Industrial Engineer from ETSEIB, Quintana has formed part of the human resources team at EMTE Services since 2005.

Antoni Quintana recibe el Premio Español de Mantenimiento 2011
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