The Minister of Public Works present at the breakthrough of the tunnel of Olesa

06/21/2017 – The Minister of Public Works, Iñigo de la Serna, was present for the completion of tunnelling for the left-hand tunnel which forms part of the construction of the B-40 motorway – which will link the towns of Viladecavalls and Olesa de Montserrat – in which COMSA is taking part.

The tunnel, which has a length of 1,240 meters and cuts through the Sierra d’en Ribes range, is a double tunnel, to adequately accommodate the motorway traffic, and has a maximum coverage of 115.72 metres. The breakthrough for the left-hand tunnel has just been achieved. For the next tunnel, on the right, there is still a month of tunnelling required before the breakthrough.

The infrastructure, which is scheduled for completion in October 2019, is 55% completed. COMSA’s participation in the project is as part of a temporary joint venture, and the company is also involved through Nortúnel, which is carrying out the tunnelling, also through a temporary joint venture.

The breakthrough, the moment when the two excavation fronts advancing from both sides of the mountain join in the middle, represents a significant milestone towards the completion of the motorway. Joining the minister and the other officials, José Miarnau, CEO of COMSA Corporación, attended on behalf of the company.

The B-40, also known as Barcelona’s Orbital motorway, is of vital importance in order to connect the A-2, C-16 and AP-7, and thus route traffic through the territory between the municipalities of Abrera, Olesa, Terrassa, Granollers and Mataró, which make up the Fourth Ring Road.

Cale del túnel de la Autovía B-40 (Olesa)

The Minister of Public Works was present for the completion of tunnelling of Olesa tunnel (B-40 motorway)

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