The Madrid Councillor of Transport visits the construction of the ‘Barrio de la Concepción’ metro station, which is currently being built by COMSA

05/08/2018 – This past April 28th, the Regional Transport, Housing and Infrastructures Minister of Madrid, Rosalia Gonzalo, visited the accessibility improvement works that COMSA is currently executing at station Barrio de la Concepción, belonging to line 7 of Metro de Madrid.

The contract is valued at more than 3 million euros and falls under the Spanish capital’s Sub-urban Accessibility and inclusion Plan consisting of adding three lifts; one of which will communicate the new lobby with the exterior, while the other two will connect the ticket validation area with the platforms. Also, the project includes supplementary works such as civil work, architecture and installations associated with the building of the lifts.

The personalities present at this act were Borja Carabante, Managing Director of Metro de Madrid, Carlos Cuadrado, Railway Operations Manager of Metro, and Juan Enseñat, Director of Infrastructures of COMSA. After the presentation of the project, the attendees visited the location of the new lobby as well as the places where the three lifts will be built.

La Consejera de Transportes de Madrid visita las obras de la estación de metro ‘Barrio de la Concepción’, en ejecución por COMSADrilling works at Barrio de la Concepción station of the Metro de Madrid
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