The La Coruña V14 bypass, built by COMSA, recognized as the best engineering work in Galicia

11/13/2017 – The College of Road, Canal and Port Engineers of Galicia has awarded the 2017 San Telmo Prize to the AC14 highway access to La Coruña together with its connection to the V14 (popularly known as the Tercera Ronda or “Third Round”), the latter executed by a TBA in which COMSA participated. The association, which brings together professionals from the infrastructures sector, recognises this as the most emblematic engineering project carried out in Galicia during 2015 and 2016.

The launch of both routes provides La Coruña with a new toll-free access that connects the city with the Northwest Motorway, reducing journey times and decongesting the traffic of the inner roads of the city. It also guarantees direct access to industrial estates, transport centres and commercial areas.

The jury, made up of 14 professionals and chaired by the Dean of the institution, Ricardo Babío, highlighted “the technical, territorial and construction quality” of the operation and also stressed that infrastructure “reverberates in the improvement of quality of life for citizens, from both an environmental and an economic point of view”. The decision took into account a popular vote issued by some 2,000 people.

La circunvalación V14 de La Coruña, construida por COMSA, reconocida como la mejor obra de ingeniería de Galicia

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