New drivers’ training course by COMSA Rail Transport

COMSA Rail Transport, the freight transport company of COMSA Corporation, has launched its first joint training course for the rail driving License and Certificate after receiving the approval of the National Railway Safety Agency (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Ferroviaria, AESF, in spanish).

The training will take place in Constantí (Tarragona) from the 23rd of January 2017. In order to be eligible for this course, and according to the requirements of the regulation FOM/2872/2010 of the 5th of November, the candidate must submit its academic qualification certificate (certified photocopy), its ID photocopy, two ID pictures, and the original of its psychophysical test (QUALIFIED).

A valid application shall include the abovementioned documents together with “registration application” (pdf.) fully filled and signed to:

The training course fee is 18,000 Euros. For more information: (+34) 977 524 588 (Mr. Francisco Mesa) //

Training course website


@Javier López. Goods train of COMSA Rail Transport

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