Italian and Brazilian academics visit the Albufera Sur (Valencia) green filter

Last week a group of students and professors from the University of Palermo (Italy) Agricultural School and the University FEARA of Fortaleza (Brazil) visited the green filters built by COMSA in the Tancat de Milia. This is part of the rehabilitation project of the Albufera lake south of Valencia.

During their visit students and teachers saw at first hand the green filter, an advanced pioneering technology that allows the purification of the wetland’s water using aquatic plants characteristic of the environment, such as bulrushes, rushes or reeds. They were able to check out the grand proliferation of flora and fauna found in the installation, proof of environmental recovery.

The green filter is part of the work of recycling wastewater from the sewage treatment plant in the southern lagoon, through the construction of special services. The installations, carried out by COMSA in conjunction with Sedesa, are finished and the facilities are currently being tested.

Albufera Sur (Valencia)
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