Start of works on the Beira Alta Line in Portugal

20/01/2020 – COMSA and FERGRUPO have begun work on modernising the Pampilhosa – Santa Comba Dão section of the Beira Alta line in Portugal. With an investment of more than EUR 74 million, the work which has just begun will help to increase the country’s freight transport capacity.

Carlos Fernandes, Vice-President of Infrastructure of Portugal (IP) and Carlos Nunes, Director General of FERGRUPO, were present at the signing of the document verifying readiness, where the head of IP stressed that it is a “strategic project of extraordinary importance for Portugal and the Beira Alta Region”.

The works between Pampilhosa and Santa Comba Dão, in addition to ensuring the modernisation of the line, will connect with a section of a new line, the Mealhada Bypass, which will allow the movement of the railway service in a north-south direction, thus increasing the management capacity of the Portuguese railway network.

The project includes, among others, the following works: intervention on 34 km of track, reinforcement of 10 tunnels and 8 bridges, construction of a viaduct and execution of the direct electrical connection between the Northern Line and the Beira Alta Line.

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