COMSA will execute the drainage system and reconstruction of the Metković supply network in Croatia

COMSA will execute the drainage system construction project and the reconstruction of the supply network of the Croatian city of Metković, based in the southeast of the country. The project has been awarded by the public water and sanitation company of Metković for an amount of 35,7 million euros and it is an historic revindication of its inhabitants.

The construction of the drainage system consists of the implementation of a new network for the collection of stormwater and wastewater. This network will have a total length of 58,6 km and includes the construction of 16 pumping stations, as well as the rehabilitation of 1,2 km of existing pipelines.

On the other hand, the new drinking water distribution network will consist of 16,7 km of new pipelines and 11 pumping stations. All of them will be built with structural solutions of reinforced concrete.

The project will comply with the environmental regulations of the European Union concerning water management, both in its treatment network and in its distribution network.

Presence in Croatia
COMSA is currently executing the modernization works of the Vinkovci – Vukovar railway section, which include the rehabilitation of the track, as well as the improvement and electrification of different sections. At the end of 2019, the company completed the construction of the Gradec – Sveti Ivan Žabno railway, which was the first newly built railway in Croatia in 52 years.

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