System for the detection and response to natural disasters in Honduras

The 50-50 joint venture between ADASA, EMTE and DOMINION  is carrying out a project for the technological modernization of the hydro-meteorological observation facilities and of the civilian protection system in Honduras. The project includes the supply, installation and maintenance of the largest weather radar in Central America, which will operate on the S band with a maximum range of 200 kilometers and an antenna of 8.5 meters in diameter.

The 19.8 MEUR contract also covers the installation of a network of weather, seismic and hydrological stations, a control centre and a platform for the analysis and the management of the data collected, together with a wide range of equipment and infrastructures for natural disaster management and civilian aid.

Honduras Copeco

The Honduras government, through the Comisión Permanente de Contingencias (COPECO), is thus reinforcing its facilities in this sphere with the aim of reducing the consequences of the natural disasters that frequently occur in the region and minimizing their impact on citizens. The new technological systems of environmental observation permit the monitoring of climate and water volume parameters by means of weather stations distributed throughout the country. The information provided by these new platforms will improve the coordination of the rescue teams during emergency situations.

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