Inauguración de la UF1 del Túnel de Sinifaná en Colombia

Commissioning of 4G lanes of the Pacífico 1 and Pacífico 2 connection highways

COMSA Industrial continues to progress in the installation of ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems) in the Sinifaná and Amagá tunnels on the Pacífico 1 Connection Highway, as well as in the Mulatos tunnels in the Pacific 2, both located in the southwest of Antioquia in Colombia.

Last Thursday, June 9, 19 large bridges and one of the two roads of the Sinifaná Tunnel were put into service, achieving a 70% progress in the works carried out by the Engineering subsidiary of COMSA Corporación.

In the case of Pacífico 2, which covers the Bolombolo – La Pintada section, 20 kilometers of the Functional Unit 2 (UF2), the Mulatos tunnels of UF3 and the bridges over the Cauca river of UF4 were inaugurated. The La Pintada Connection Concession, which executes this connection, completes a 99% progress of the works and only needs to complete works on the Mulatos Bolombolo Tunnel, which is currently 97% completed, so this 4G route will be delivered at the beginning of the second semester of this 2021.

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