EMTE Instalaciones will extend the electrical network in the Mexican state of Tampico

The Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) of México has awarded EMTE Instalaciones with a project to extend the electrical network in the municipality of Tamaulipas, in the state of Tampico, at a cost of 3 million dollars. The work will take place over twelve months.

Instalaciones Tampico

The project contemplates the extension of a transformer substation with a capacity of 30 MVA and voltage of 115kV/13,8kV, six medium tension feeders and a capacitor bank of 1.8 MVAr in 13.8 kV.

EMTE Instalaciones’ activities in Mexico are currently centred on the public electricity network, in transport infrastructures and in non-residential construction. This contract represents a new step forward in the consolidation of COMSA EMTE in the Mexican market, where it already operates in the infrastructures, electrical installations and mechanical installations sectors.

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