EMTE collaborates in a European energy project for buildings and urban areas

EMTE is participating in Urbanite, a smart cities project that is part of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union (FP7) to promote R&D. Urbanite aims to integrate renewable resources, energy storage and ICT systems to optimise energy management in buildings and urban areas, improving interaction with the distribution network and reducing energy losses and CO2 emissions.

The objective of the initiative is to implement an energy management system that integrates the activities of consumption prediction, smart meters, a district heating network which includes thermal storage and cogeneration systems with injection into to an electricity grid optimised with renewable generation. The project also includes a series of ICT platforms for the receiving, monitoring, processing and communication of the data obtained.

EMTE is collaborating in the definition of the requirements of the overall system and of the communication systems of the different platforms, and will integrate and validate the solutions that are developed so that they can be applied in other cities.

The Urbanite project will be developed jointly by European companies and research centres such as Vito, CSTB, Oasys, Ertzberg, the University of Strathclyde, Siemens, Eandis, Dalkia, VERI, Wheatley Group, MINT and the city councils of Leuven (Belgium) and Glasgow (United Kingdom), the cities where the pilot project will be implemented.

EMTE colabora en un proyecto energético europeo para edificios y distritos urbanos
Strathclyde University in Glasgow
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