COMSA EMTE leads the development of a robotic arm for the rehabilitation of stroke patients

World stroke day (October 29)

The FISIOROB R&D project for clinical rehabilitation, led by the Innovation Department of COMSA EMTE group, has created a prototype for the recovery of mobility of the upper extremities for patients who have suffered a stroke.

The project consortium has developed a robotic arm that allows people with neuromotor disabilities to move the prototype in the direction they want with a simple movement of their wrist.

The mechanical limb is also able to determine the force to be exerted on an object without the patient suffering any harm. The system is intended to cover all phases of the recovery process, including rehabilitation at home. In this regard, and using virtual reality technologies, the project has developed a platform that will collect the results on the patient’s progress and make these available to the doctors, to help them adapt treatment based on the individual person, their condition and progress.

Under the leadership of COMSA EMTE, FISIOROB also involves the participation of the private hospital Povisa, the companies Aequs, Izmar, I3TE and Balidea, the technological centres Aimen and CIS Galicia  and the University of Vigo. The project is part of the ERDF-INTERCONNECT programme of the European Union to promote R&D&i and is funded by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, the Galician Agency for Innovation and the Technology Fund.

EMTE lidera el desarrollo de un brazo robot para la rehabilitación de pacientes con ictus
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