Artur Mas visits the works of the Centre de Formació de l’Automoció in Martorell

The president of the Government of Catalonia, Artur Mas, visited the works of the Centre de Formació de l’Automoció in Martorell last week, a project awarded to EMTE Installations in a consortium with Teyco and Constructora de Calaf. The centre, scheduled to open during 2013-2014, is designed to promote vocational training in the industry and will accommodate up to 16,000 students.

This is a pioneering initiative in Spain, being the first to offer a service to an entire industry, integrating the training systems available today: Initial vocational training and vocational training for Employment. Its main objective is to increase quality and public interest, especially of young people, through Vocational Training in technology, becoming a reference centre in training for other sectors of the Catalan economy.

With over 10,000 m2 of floor area, the Centre de Formació de l’Automoció de Catalunya will be located on land donated by Martorell Town Council, near the current Seat factory. Some of the major companies in the industries, such as Doga, Ficosa, Gestamp, Nissan and Seat, have signed a cooperation agreement with the Government of Catalonia and the council to promote the development of the centre.

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