COMSA EMTE remains committed to the prevention of occupational risks

COMSA EMTE mantiene su compromiso con la prevención de riesgos laborales
Rail renovation of Belgrano Railway (Argentina)

Safety and health at work remain a priority for COMSA EMTE. Through the ZERO Plan (COMSA EMTE Zero Risk), an initiative implemented in 2011, the group has succeeded in reducing its accident rate, controlling risks causing serious accidents, and has strengthened preventive training.

This is verified by the indicators for 2014, which maintain the downward trend of previous years. More specifically, the accident rate in the infrastructure and engineering businesses last year, i.e. the number of incidents per hundred workers, was reduced by 26%. At the same time, the ratio of serious accidents, or days lost per thousand hours worked, has also decreased by 86%, and the frequency, or the number of accidents per million hours worked, has decreased by 28%. Regarding training activities, the group held a total of 618 training days in 2014 which had more than 3,000 participants.

Among the preventive measures carried out last year as part of the ZERO Plan, a pioneering study at a national level on musculoskeletal disorders in railway maintenance tasks stands out. Through the promotion of warming up before working on site it has been possible to significantly reduce sick leave related to the disorder.

The COMSA EMTE ZERO Plan is the strategic plan of the group in the area of Occupational Health and Safety and establishes the mechanisms necessary to detect and neutralise potential risk points at work, with the aim of reducing workplace accidents both in COMSA and also in the other group companies.

The excellent results in the area of health and safety at work achieved by COMSA EMTE have recently been recognised by the Asepeyo awards, which reward the best practices in the prevention of occupational risks. In this regard, the company’s ZERO Plan won second prize in the category ‘Prevention Management’.

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