COMSA EMTE closes 2013 with sales of 1,575 million euros

COMSA EMTE, a group specializing in infrastructure, engineering, services and technology, has closed 2013 with sales of 1,575 million euros. International sales amounted to 751 million, 47% of the group total, representing an increase of 13% compared to 2012.

2013 was characterized by the boost from internationalization, especially in the areas of infrastructure and engineering. Railway specialization has allowed access and consolidation in markets like Romania, Turkey, Brazil and Poland. This same line of external growth is expected to be maintained in 2014; with an estimated turnover of 857 million euros, international sales in 2014 will account for over 50% of total group sales.

Turnover by business activities is distributed as follows: infrastructure 950 million euros; engineering 304 million euros; environment 87 million euros; technology 124 million euros; maintenance and services 59 million euros; concessions 21 million euros; transport and logistics 18 million euros; and renewable energies 11 million euros.

COMSA EMTE has undergone a process of restructuring its business during 2013 in order to adapt its structure to the new market reality and to the current volume of public works in Spain. In the previous year the group successfully completed debt restructuring for a total of 930 million euros through a syndicated loan until the end of 2016. COMSA EMTE shareholders completed this refinancing with a capital increase of 40 million euros, which reinforces the financial strength of the group and gives a stimulus to the business plan for the coming years.


COMSA EMTE has 40 ongoing innovation projects. During 2013 it carried out RDI activities and projects for the sum of 8.2 million euros. In the area of infrastructure, COMSA EMTE is developing new materials for railway track substructure with improved physical and mechanical properties. In the engineering area, special mention should be made of a new Remote Inspection System for Transmission Towers (‘SIDTE’), a project developed jointly with the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) that has created a smart grid capable of remote detection of possible damage to the electricity distribution network caused by adverse weather conditions.

Jorge Miarnau, president of COMSA EMTE, states: “Specialization in the field of infrastructure and engineering, complemented by our experience in the railway, technology and service sectors, provide us with a differential value for continued growth in international markets”. He also points out: “The efforts made last year to improve our productivity will be reflected in greater efficiency and competitiveness in the coming years”.

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COMSA EMTE cierra el ejercicio 2013 con unas ventas de 1.575 millones de euros

Photo caption: Jorge Miarnau, chairman of COMSA EMTE.

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