COMSA Corporación continues to grow in Portugal and is awarded the works of a new section of the North International Corridor

17/06/2020 – COMSA Corporación continues its expansion on the Portuguese market. The group, through its infrastructure company COMSA and the subsidiary in Portugal FERGRUPO, has been awarded the project to renovate the Beira Alta line and build the Concordancia de Mealhada, both works integrated into the North International Corridor and considered a priority in the Strategic Plan for Transport and Infrastructure of Portugal. The company will carry out the modernization of a 33.7km section of the Beira Alta line, between Pampilhosa – Santa Comba Dão. This section is located about 20 km north of the city of Coimbra, extending eastward, crossing the municipalities of Mealhada, Mortágua and Santa Comba Dão.

Some of the main works that will be executed are the following: improvement of the infrastructure and superstructure of the road, as well as the catenary, signaling and telecommunications system; repair and improvement works on 8 bridges and 10 tunnels; modernization and extension of platforms, expansion of the Mortágua Station; construction of new overpasses and underpasses and improvement of longitudinal and transverse drainage.

Likewise, COMSA and FERGRUPO will build the Concordancia de Mealhada, a new single-track railway layout of approximately 3.1 km in length, of which 1,250 meters will be developed viaduct. These works will enable the connection between the Northern Line and the Beira Alta Line, improving the country’s mobility.

Presence in Portugal

COMSA Corporación has been in Portugal for more than 30 years, through its subsidiary FERGRUPO. In the last year, the company has been awarded the construction works for the railway section between Évora Norte and Freixo of the South International Corridor and, among other projects, continues to carry out the electrification of the Minho railway line between Viana do Castelo and Valença Fronteira and the maintenance of the railway lines in the northern area of the country. 

Máquinas de COMSA en obra ferroviaria
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