COMSA Corporación, committed to occupational risk prevention

COMSA Corporación is convinced that the value of the company is the result of the effort and achievements of its collaborators. Thus, on World Day for Safety and Health at Work it would like to recognise the endeavours of its workers and the difference they make, because it is the workers who make it possible for the group to be among the top companies in the sector. In the context of this celebration the company has launched the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders Project, with the objective of providing guidance to promote healthy postural habits that contribute to improvement in employee quality of life.

Similarly, with the Plan Cero initiative implemented in COMSA Corporación in 2011, the group has reduced its accident rates and controlled risks that cause serious injury, and continued to strengthen preventative training. In line with 2016 indicators, the decreasing trend of previous years has been maintained.

Specifically, the incident rate or number of accidents per hundred workers was reduced by 16%. Furthermore, there was also a 17% reduction in the ratio of severity (days lost per thousand hours worked) as well as in the frequency (quantity of accidents per million hours executed), again by 17%. In terms of training actions, during 2016 COMSA Corporación delivered a total of 799 training days with the collaboration of more than 3000 participants.

Plan CERO of COMSA Corporación is the group’s strategic plan in the area of Occupational Health and Safety and it establishes the mechanisms necessary to detect and neutralise potential risk points in the workplace, with the objective of reducing accidents within COMSA as well as within the other companies of the group. Notable among the preventative measures carried out has been the promotion of warming up prior to on-site work, which has significantly reduced the duration of periods of time off work due to over-exertion.

In addition, the Occupational Health and Safety model of COMSA Corporación was recognised with the Xcellens Prize in 2016, which ASPY Prevención awards annually to those companies that go beyond compliance with legal obligations in the search for.excellence in this area.

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