Carles Sumarroca, guest at a work lunch organized by PwC and La Vanguardia

Carles Sumarroca, Vice-President of COMSA EMTE, took part in a work lunch organized by PwC and La Vanguardia under the title ‘Transformando la crisis en oportunidad’. The event, held at the Hotel Princesa Sofía in Barcelona, brought together 300 figures from the business world and from other fields who showed great interest in the strategy being carried out by COMSA EMTE at this time of economic crisis.

Ponencia de Carles Sumarroca

Sumarroca emphasised that creativity and innovation were key factors in business success and underlined that combining technology and disciplines was necessary for business development. “We are dealing with too much on a daily basis, reacting on impulse, but it is necessary to see things in perspective and be capable of thinking in the medium and long term”, Sumarroca pointed out.

The Vice-President of COMSA EMTE pointed out that we have a highly qualified generation with a positive attitude. “Competitiveness is the only guarantee of permanence in long term in markets which are global and which transform rapidly. However, this competitiveness is found everywhere, and therefore requires an effort from enterprises and the Administration”.

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