Installation of solar and photovoltaic energy

Architectural integration and solar installations for self-consumption

Photovoltaic installation on the corrugated roof of the Moll de Pescadors in the Port of Barcelona, as part of the European innovation project Life BIPV.
Installation of the photovoltaic pergola of the Forum of Barcelona (Spain)
Installation of 988 photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Arucas-Moya desalination plant in Gran Canaria (Spain)
Solar plant built on Salt Island (Cape Verde)
Architectural integration in Badalona City Council (Spain)
Commissioning of photovoltaic installations on industrial roofs in the Zona Franca of Barcelona (Spain)

Solar and photovoltaic energy

COMSA Service, through TFM, develops the design, engineering, execution, and maintenance of photovoltaic solar energy installations on roofs. The company specialises in architectural integration and self-consumption solar installations.