Operation and maintenance of networks for large infrastructure centres

Canal de Isabel II communications tower in Madrid (Spain)
Maintenance of the emergency mobile radiocommunications network for the region of Murcia (Spain)
Construction, supply of equipment and maintenance of telecommunications networks and infrastructures for Cellnex, France Telecom, Iberdrola, Red Eléctrica, Vodafone and Lyntia Networks. (Spain)
Microwave Radio Link System in Madrid (Spain)
Corrective maintenance of FM broadcasting antennas at Pic de Carroi (Andorra)
HUAWEI Tower in Tonchigue (Peru)
Deployment of telecommunication networks for Ericsson in Barcelona (Spain)
Telecommunications network and infrastructure actions for Cellnex (Spain)
Fibre optic backbone deployment between the towns of Llavorsí and Sort (Spain)
Integrated mobile communications system for emergencies of the Community of Madrid
Maintenance of satellite connections at Brazato Dam, Huesca (Spain)


COMSA Corporación has over 25 years of experience in planning, engineering, deployment, operation and maintenance of telecommunications networks.

Through COMSA Industrial, it carries out telecommunications engineering supplying turnkey systems based on state-of-the-art technology for large infrastructure centres.

The company offers technological solutions in transport and access networks, security and emergency solutions, underground communications or the engineering, design, and deployment of networks, among others.