Specialized civil works

Implementation of strategic infrastructure projects

Santa Cilia-Puente la Reina de Jaca section of the A-21 Motorway, Huesca (Spain)
Construction of the Rusné road (Lithuania)
Extension of the Libramiento Sur motorway in Guadalajara (Mexico)
Duplication of the BR-101 road (Brazil)
Fuentes de Oñoro - Salamanca section of the A-62 motorway (Spain)
Autopista Vía Báltica (Lituania)
Coverage of Ronda de Dalt in Barcelona (Spain)
Olesa-Viladecavalls section of the B-40 motorway (Spain)


Construction, maintenance and renovation of roads, with experience in emblematic projects. Since 1997, COMSA Corporación has built nearly 600 km of roads.


Through Nortúnel, COMSA Corporación has participated in the main projects carried out in Spain, both in the implementation of high-speed railways and in the modernisation of roads and underground urban transport systems.

Lugaritz - Miraconcha section of the Topo railway bypass in San Sebastian (Spain)
A Canda tunnel on the Madrid-Galicia high-speed line (Spain)
Excavation and buttressing of the Amagá tunnels (Colombia)
Larraskitu Tunnels in Bilbao (Spain)
Atlantic Axis railway tunnel on the Lalín-Silleda de Galicia section (Spain)
Bridge over the Araguaia river (Brazil)
Bridge over the Neris river on the A1 road (Lithuania)
Construction of the Autovía del Reguerón dual carriageway in Murcia (Spain)
Bridge on the Régis Bittencourt motorway in the Serra do Cafezal (Brazil)
Assembly of the Algar bridge on the L9 of the Tram Alicante (Spain)
Panemune Bridge over the Nemunas River in Kaunas (Lithuania)
Bac de Roda Bridge in Barcelona (Spain)
Bridge over the river Segre in Lleida (Spain)
Calatayud-Lleida high-speed section of the line between Madrid and the French border (Spain)


COMSA Corporación has extensive experience in highly-complex construction procedures. Since 1997, it has built nearly 50 km of bridges and viaducts for roads and rails in Spain.

Hydraulic works

Hydraulic works projects that always prioritise innovation, respect for the environment and quality.

Torre-Serona treatment plant, Lleida (Spain)
Commissioning of the WWTP in Ain Kihel (Algeria)
WWTP of Benavente (Spain)
WWTP in Martorell (Spain)
WWTP in Mecheria (Algeria)
WWTP in Saida (Algeria)
Desalting plant in Djaama (Algeria)
DWTP in Llosa del Cavall, Lleida (Spain)
Construction of the Balearic Quay in the port of Tarragona (Spain)
Berth in the Port of Sao José do Norte (Brazil)
Andalusia Quay in the Port of Tarragona (Spain)
Construction of the container terminal in the Port of Barcelona (Spain)


Development of maritime projects. Specialists in integral actions for the execution, rehabilitation and maintenance of port works.


Specialisation in the development of airport projects with integral construction, rehabilitation and maintenance actions.

Aircraft platform at Girona-Costa Brava Airport (Spain)
Construction of the aircraft parking apron at terminal T4 of Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport (Spain)
Completion of the Belém integrated transport system, known as BRT Metropolitano (Brazil)
Urbanization of the Santa Pola sea crossing, Alicante (Spain)
Urbanization of the tramway environment in Toulousse (France)
Urbanization of the Reyes Magos Square in Alicante (Spain)
Development of the Santa Marta and Castro de Abaixo industrial estates in Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Urban development

Urbanization of areas such as promenades, pedestrian and bicycle paths or industrial parks.