Advanced technology at the service of railway maintenance

Two-modal truck with tri-tipper crane in charge of metro track maintenance
Bivial backhoe loader
Electrification draisine used to coordinate railcars and rail vehicles
Two-modal truck with tri-tipper crane
COMSA’s machinery fleet

Advanced technology machinery

COMSA Machinery has a machinery fleet comprised of 88 self-propelled vehicles and 92 wagons. These include tamping machines, ballast shapers, stabilisers, ballast cleaners, wagons, locomotives and tractors, draisines, rapid renewal trains, turnout renewal equipment, heavy track gantries, road/rail cranes, electric welding, spreaders, etc.

Management of railway machinery

GMF is a specialist in railway rolling stock maintenance, manufacturing and marketing of spare parts and design of new equipment.

It is the leading company in Spain in volume of specialized railway machinery and also operates in Portugal, Central Europe and Latin America

Machinery maintenance in GMF's park located in Tarragona (Spain)
Commissioning of the pit lathe to renew the profiles of the Iberian gauge wheels.
Maintenance of track machinery.
Locomotive maintenance.
Maintenance of wagons.
Washing and degassing services for rail tankers and road tankers.
Plasser and Theurer 08-16-3S tamping machine maintenance in Brazil.
Maintenance of infrastructure machines
Modification of an Iberian gauge DP dresina to carry out catenary maintenance work in Portugal.
GMF machinery workshop in Lima (Peru)